Workshop on Communications in Underground and Confined Environments

The Workshop on Communications in Underground and Confined Environments will be held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Communications on June 10-14, 2014, in Sydney, Australia.

Truly ubiquitous wireless communications are often described as the next telecom frontier. As such, in-building environments have received huge attention for this purpose but other peculiar environments present significant opportunities and specific niche vertical markets for the wireless industry.

This workshop is a forum for academic researchers, professionals and industrial specialists that are interested in or have realized original research, innovative applications, or field trials related to telecommunications in a confined area (basement, vehicle) or an underground environment (e.g. underground city, tunnels, subway, mine, shelter). This workshop should focus on Antennas & Propagation Channel Modeling, Smart Antennas, Wireless Networks, Prediction Tools and admissible topics include but are not limited to the following:

Concepts for communications in Underground and Confined Environments

  • Access & Transmission: Channel Allocation, Medium Access Control, Modulation, Coding, MIMO Systems
  • Networks: Ad-Hoc Networks, Wireless Local Area Networks, Mesh Networks, Sensor Networks, Linear Sensor Networks
  • Network Planning and Deployment: Architecture, Protocols, Handover, Roaming, QoS
  • Performance Measurements
  • Location Systems: Algorithms, Simulation, Implementations

Applications in Underground and Confined Environments

  • Automation: Autonomous Vehicles, Telemetry, Remote Control
  • Inter/Intra-Vehicle Wireless Communication: Location Techniques, Obstacle Detection, Target Tracking, Collision Avoidance
  • Role of Wireless Telecommunications in the Industries and Confined Areas of the Future

Communications via Unusual Channel

  • Wireless Intra-Body Networking


Published on  September 25th, 2013